How Jersey Bio provides you with great experience


Jersey Bio offers wide variety of products and services, but we’re always willing to adjust to suit your individual needs. We seek to provide exactly what you need in the shortest time possible, regardless of the size and content of your order.

High standards of production process: clean, precise and safe preparation of products

Our engineers follows rigorous manufacturing procedures that allow for safe and sanitary preparation of products.

Quality control


We use products of the highest pharmaceutical quality. Each of the semi-finished products comes from proven, reliable suppliers.

Professional packaging and labeling

induction sealing and others solutions are used to prevent leakage and ensure safety handling of product. Moreover, all of our products are labelled in accordance with CLP Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation.

Quick and safe worldwide delivery

Packaging of our products is handled with the utmost care. We cooperate with many couriers and logistic companies, which allows us to offer worldwide delivery at the lowest possible cost.